Our Philosophy

Home care services in Harrogate, Leeds and surrounding towns

Deeper Care Solutions Ltd‘s aim is to provide a consistently high standard of client centred home care to all who require it in the Harrogate area.

Experienced staff

Everything we do is driven by the needs and aspirations of our service users and not by what the staff, management or any other group or agency might desire.

Our services are delivered by well trained, experienced, supervised, supported and highly motivated staff and as a team we place particular emphasis on the following principles

Clients’ rights

Privacy and dignity.

Deeper Care Solutions Ltd will ensure that the way in which its affairs are conducted, and the care it delivers to each and every client, reflects very best practice towards establishing relationships which are founded in respect for one another, and the right to have privacy and dignity recognised and maintained.

Autonomy and independence

Deeper Care Solutions Ltd will assess, plan, deliver and review the care services it provides to clients with a view at all times to promoting autonomy and maintaining increasing independence. The agency will involve the client in the assessment and planning of the care services they need, and seek the client’s opinion as to the most beneficial service which satisfies their own individual needs. Where possible, individual clients will be offered choice in the care to be provided, and the manner and frequency of its delivery. Deeper Care Solutions Ltd’s aim will be to tailor a package of care which reflects need, offers choice, and respects the client’s opinion and judgement.

Fulfilment and personal growth

Our main goal is to help our service users realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives. We seek to achieve this by responding appropriately to the personal, intellectual, artistic, and spiritual values and practices of every client. We always respect our services’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversity, listen and attend promptly to any services’ desire to communicate at whatever level and help them to make new liaisons whilst maintaining existing ones.

Diversity in care

The United Kingdom is a true multi-cultural society and it is inevitable that service users within Deeper Care Solutions Ltd will come from a variety of different backgrounds. Deeper Care Solutions Ltd, in accordance with its “Equal Opportunities” policy pledges that:

“All people shall be treated equally, regardless of their age, gender, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or offending background unless unequal, or different treatment can be shown to be justified and is appropriate”. This clear unambiguous statement of intent will apply to all aspects of Deeper Care Solutions Ltd’s operations and to the treatment of all our service users, at all times, whilst, at the same time, taking account of the individual’s special needs with regard to their religion, culture, language and all other backgrounds.
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